Current & Future Projects

Since November 2016, the free-shop in the basement of Khora has provided sustainable slow fashion through donated clothes, as well as essential basic needs such as pampers, soap, and blankets. Our vision for the free shop is for it to move away from distribution lines, instead allowing people a dignified free shopping experience, where they can find items of clothing that both fit them and express their identity.

As the free shop has gotten more popular, we have expanded beyond the capacity that the current space can provide. As a result, we have moved to a new shop-front down the road from Khora, which will give us the opportunity to help more people, adjust to new needs, and work more closely with the local community.


Khora Music School

The Khora music school has begun its classes with small group lessons of guitar, piano and violin. The music school is housed in one room within the Khora Community Centre and with time and support would like to expand its reach by having a space outside of Khora to teach more and more students in.

Currently, the music school is in need of more teachers as well as instruments as this is what is holding us back with expanding the reach of the lessons.

Urban Farming Initiatives

In conjunction with the Khora kitchen, an urban farming project is coming together to grow food throughout Athens, on rooftops, and in any open space available. The desire is to grow food on the roof to help supply a more self sufficient supply of vegetables for our kitchen. In the future, the project would like to give portable planters with seeds and seedlings to the community who use the Khora Community Centre to allow for a more autonomous food supply. Food for All!

Please get in touch if you can donate any time or equipment for a project like this, or if you have land in Athens to donate to the project.

The Info Point & Infomap is an ongoing project with Hole in the Borders with information to be shared between other groups within Athens and independent groups on 6 different islands. The idea is to have an online database for all of the support groups and areas within Athens for refugees. This project is very extensive. If you would like to know more, please email