What You Will Find


The Khora Community Centre is an 8 story building located at Asklipiou 80/Tsimiski 21 in Exarchia Athens.



This floor houses both our storage as well as the freeshop which is used daily to help distribute clothes/hygiene products with dignity. The freeshop is set up to allow for choice within the realm of distribution.



This is the workshop where we and others have built furniture, etc. for the Khora building. It is open to all to use.  We have tools to work with both wood and metal (although the welder we have is only on loan to us) and some spare materials that we have taken from the streets.


Ground Floor: Welcome Area & Children's Space

The welcome area has information about legal support and access to food, showers, clothes, housing and asylum in Urdu, Farsi, Arabic, Greek, French and English. We are trying to include more written languages and are trying to make sure that at least one person in the welcome area is multilingual.

The kids' area gives a place for the young children to be while their parents or guardians are using the centre's services. Here they can enjoy time with their brothers, sisters and friends as they play and learn together. 


1st FLOOR: Social Kitchen and Food Storage

The kitchen is open from 9:30am, to provide breakfast and lunch for the café, as well as an evening snack for the education space. This space can also be used by other groups to provide dinner for the café or meals for distribution in other places, as have been done in the past.


2nd FLOOR: Social Café

Food in this space is free to all.  We serve a light breakfast from 10 and lunch from 1pm as well as a light evening meal for the students in evening classes.  The café provides a space where people from all communities can sit down, eat, relax and socialise with the idea of bringing people together. The café space is also used to host events, such as the Khora Cine Club, music nights, our open meetings and self defence classes.

There is also a ‘stage’ in this space which is used for theatre and music performances.


3rd FLOOR: Education Floor

This floor has 3 classrooms, a library and a computer room. We provide language classes throughout the day and into the evening in Greek, English, German, French for adults and older children, plus some art activities for younger children as well as computer classes to improve computer literacy. The language lessons are taught by qualified Greek teachers and volunteers. 


4th FLOOR: LEGAL SUPPORT & Dentistry 

The Khora Dentistry has been installed to provide free dental care, made available through donated time from skilled Dentists in Athens. We now have two dental chairs and have partnered with D4R (Dentists 4 Refugees) who have committed to support our dental practice until February 2018.

This floor also houses our legal support room, where users of the building can schedule in appointments to discuss their cases and receive the necessary support, or to be directed to the appropriate programs within Athens.


5th FLOOR: The Creative Floor

On the top floor of the building you'll find the music room that provides lessons and a practice space for musicians, both experienced and beginner. This music room will also be home to the Trans Geographic Recording Studio as its temporary home. This floor also houses the women’s space providing a safe and secure environment for women to come together, talk, relax, learn and share. The central area on this floor is used to house creative workshops for children as well as for adults, allowing for an area in the building that allows for creative expression.