What You Will Find


NEWs from Khora - Spring 2019

Khora is in the process of opening a new community kitchen and cafe space in central Athens. We are working hard on getting this ready to open, and we are very excited about the new space we have. More news on this soon!

Below are our services that are currently being offered -

Our Free Shop is located at Asklipiou 113, and is open for clothes, shoes and toiletries every Tuesday 11:30 - 14:00 and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11.30 - 16.00.

Our Asylum Support Assessments continue in various locations around Athens:
Tuesdays 12.00 - 17.00: at the Jafra Foundation at Kalidromiou 49, Athina 106 81
Wednesdays Alternating visits to "Do Your Part" centre by Oinofyta Camp and Lavrio Camp
Thursdays 12.00 - 17.00: at the Jafra Foundation at Kalidromiou 49, Athina 106 81

We are also continuing with some basic provision of dried food supplies to communities within central Athens.

The details below are based on the services that ran in our first building. We will have a similar variety of services, many updated, in our next location.



Storage for all services but mainly holds donations for the external Freeshop.


Family & Child Friendly Space

This space is used by several families every day and provides a space for them to play and spend quality time together. The family space is well stocked with a variety of materials. We have a nappy changing area and a dedicated toilet for the children and a very committed team of volunteers. External groups and individuals visit the family space on a weekly basis to run activities such as skateboarding, yoga and music.


Ground Floor: Welcome Area & ACTIVE Space

Info is the welcoming heart of Khora. Khora sees an average of 700 visitors a day, all who pass by our info desk, either for a quick hello or to find out about internal and external services. Info cooperates with Aegean solidarity network from the UK, who sponsors the external info maps which are being distributed in our outreach program.

The legal assessment team now has a private room on the ground floor, where they talk to 10-20 people a day in confidence, giving basic legal information and/or referring them to the services they need. This includes helping them through the bureaucratic systems, referring them to our own or other external legal services, and connecting them with an accompanier for their important legal appointments.

The active space is also on the ground floor. It gets used for workshops, meetings, and yoga with scheduled weekly classes plus drop ins. Please get in touch if you would like to hold regular activities in this space.


1st FLOOR: Social Kitchen and Food Storage

The kitchen crew open the building to provide breakfast and lunch for the café, as well as an evening snack for the education space. The kitchen is staffed entirely with volunteers with the majority of them from the refugee community. Each week our hard-working volunteers put in approximately 570 hours of work. Please extend your solidarity and provide them with the resources to buy vegetables, rice, oil, spices and new kitchen equipment.

The old police van from Bristol may not be very beautiful, but without it Khora would quickly come to a standstill. It supplies hundreds of kilos a week of food, clothes and other things not only to Khora, but to other projects as well. On two weekly trips to the vegetable market the van carries around 210 kilos of potatoes, about the same amount of other vegetables such as courgette and aubergine. 200 kilos of tomatoes, 100 kilos of cucumber and 12 kilos of lemons.


2nd FLOOR: Social Café

Food in this space is free to all.  We serve a light breakfast from 10 and lunch from 1pm.  The café provides a space where people from all communities can sit down, eat, relax and socialise with the idea of bringing people together.  Together, the Khora kitchen and cafe serves approximately 400-600 people six days a week. In our cafe people are served at the table and our idea is to cook nutritious and delicious food and to serve it in a dignified way. No distribution queues and no one should leave hungry.

The café space is also used to host events, such as music and poetry nights as well as weekly film screenings.


3rd FLOOR: Education Floor

Language is essential for finding your way in a new society. Khora offers more than 20 language classes to over 400 students every day in English, German, Greek and French. We also have daily computer classes for basic skills and higher-level workshops on robotics, Arduino and more. For further study, there are also weekend classes in Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, and Turkish. Classes are taught by volunteers from England to Syria and Australia to Turkey. Together we work to provide education to allow people more access to autonomy, dignity, and choice.


4th FLOOR: LEGAL SUPPORT, Library & Women's Space 

The old dentistry has changed to a library/ study room, which is being used widely daily by both men and women. The room is working as a library, so it’s a silence only whisper room. This gives the students of Khora, and others the space to go in depth with whatever they want.

The women's space is being used between 5-15 women a day. While most come for a chat, they also come to make handcrafts or watch a movie and unwind. This is a space for women to be by themselves, while also being a safe space to meet and talk about social taboos.

RLS is operating in 2 Legal rooms on this floor, where they provide asylum interview preparation and general legal information seeing approximately 20-24 appointments a week. Our independent Greek Lawyer comes once a week to do drop-ins and work on appeal cases.


5th FLOOR: The Creative Floor

Khora’s music school is up and running, creating music together, learn by each other is a joy seeing and having in our community. The lessons provided depends on which teachers are available, we have guitars, percussion, a beautiful piano and sometimes violins. This music school has also now restarted the Khora music and poetry nights, where both newcomers and locals are sharing their music and words together.